Therapeutic Touch

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Consultation Services

 Mentoring - Lifestyle Coaching - Research   
Integrating Complementary Health Practices into Conventional Healthcare


Mentoring for Therapeutic Touch Practitioner Consistent with NH-PAI Criteria
You are responsible for:

commitment to practice Therapeutic Touch consistently

  monthly communication, including documentation of Therapeutic Touch assessments and interventions

fee for a year mentoring arrangement based on hours and written agreement

Mentoring for Therapeutic Touch Teacher Consistent with NH-PAI Criteria


3-5 years experience as Therapeutic Touch Practitioner necessary to establish mentor/teacher-mentee relationship

completion of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Therapeutic Touch programs

fee and written agreement to be mutually agreed upon between mentor and mentee

 supervised teaching and/or co-presentation opportunities included (at mentee expense)

       eligible to apply to NH-PAI Therapeutic Touch Teachers' Cooperative to become a recognized Therapeutic Touch teacher after successful completion


Coaching for Lifestyle Changes


co-create a health promotion plan

 stress reduction

diet changes


Fees individually negotiated



Integrating Therapeutic Touch and Other Complementary Health Practices Within Conventional Healthcare

Essential ingredients for writing a proposal to administration
Designing an implementation plan with marketing, education, practice, and evaluation components
Information about qualifications for Therapeutic Touch practitioners and teachers in order to meet reimbursement criteria
Creating a mentoring structure and referral system
Available to meet with key administrative, nursing and physician groups
Recognized Therapeutic Touch instructor to teach Therapeutic Touch program at your facility


Phone consultation


Speaker fee to bring Therapeutic Touch program to your facility

$400 for day + expenses
$1000/day + expenses




Guidelines for critiquing and designing research


 Literature Reviews

Read Abstract for The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch for the Experience of Pain and Quality of Life in Persons with Fibromyalgia Syndrome


The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch for the Experience of Pain

 and Quality of Life in Persons with Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Barbara Denison MSN, ARNP, HNC

          This research study was a prospective pretest-posttest quasi-experimental two group design to test the effectiveness of a series of six Therapeutic Touch (TT) treatments on the pain experience and quality of life (QOL) for persons with fibromyalgia syndrome (FS). A convenience sampling of persons with FS who agreed to participate in the study were randomly assigned to one of two groups, TT treatment (n=10) or control group (n=5). The control group (CG) sat quietly and listened to an informational tape. The dependent variables were the experience of pain, QOL, and cutaneous skin temperature as measured by electronic infrared thermography (EIT). Tools to measure outcomes included short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ), Fibromyalgia Health Assessment Questionnaire (FHAQ), and EIT. Baseline measurements of FHAQ were done for both groups. Baseline SF-MPQ was measured in the TT group.

          The findings of this study supported that subjects who received TT had a statistically significant decrease in the experience of pain from before to after each TT treatment. It also supported that the TT group showed statistically significant improvement in QOL. Some statistically significant changes in cutaneous skin temperature and measurements of hotspots, within the TT group, were also found. It was concluded that TT may be an effective treatment for relieving pain and improving QOL in this specific population of persons with FS. The findings must be interpreted cautiously due to several methodological issues and the small sample size. EIT may show promise as an objective measurement of change that occurs during TT.



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